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Ayelet Melamed Cohen

With nearly 20 years of experience in QA, leading successful delivering groups focused on product and service excellence, and true passion for the Software QA world, 
I'm here to help you boost your QA teams and product quality!
FROM building a new team, reframing QA strategies and KPIs, developing a Quality mindset within the R&D and Product, 
TO customized workshops* that focus on upgrading the soft skills that move the needle of motivation and delivery.

Read more on Social or in my column "לקריירה QA עושים" in the Testing World Magazine.

​* All Workshops are customized per organization's needs 
** All workshops come with an additional session 2-4 weeks after to deepen the learning and forward the actions.

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"I enjoyed the fact I was able to completely honest in this process and that Ayelet was able to take my actions and thoughts and brake it down to pieces that helped me gain new perspective in a meaningful way. I could take them and improve not only the way I am as a manager, but also the way I externalize my actions."

User Acquisition Team Lead, Atera 

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