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Elevate Women's Leadership  

Women Leadership program

Ideal for organizations seeking to foster women's leadership.


  • "Elevate yourself" 

How to become the leader of your life and the boss of your career?

3H workshop + personal coaching sessions (optional yet recommended to deepen learning and forward the action) 

  • On the "+2" road

Explore and get tools to work with the synergy between motherhood and career development as a leader. 


The  1 Hour 45 min. workshop provides practical strategies for effective self-management throughout the challenge of leading a fulfilling career and family life.

Train-the-Trainer Coaching skills for managers :

  • Support and enhance your organization's mentorship program.

  • Create a mentorship program tailored to your needs and goals in developing women leaders.

  • Train and coach your trainers and leaders through coaching and mentoring tools, techniques, and best-proven practices.

Service 4 (women)

What my clients say about me

איילת אין לי מילים להודות לך על הליווי השנה" 
היית לנו עוגן, אוזן קשבת ומבחינתי ממש חברה 
יש לך אישיות כובשת והבחירות חיים שלך מעוררות השראה 
המשתתפות הרגישו את זה מהרגע הראשון !"

ProWoman - Open University Branch Leader

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Among my Clients

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