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Using tailored strategies, evidence-based tools, and transformative coaching, I'll guide you through your personal challenges toward unlocking your authentic self as a leader.

  • Develop life and Career leadership

  • Managerial resilience and building leadership style

  • On-Boarding into a new leadership role

  • Thinking strategically 

  • Build high-performing teams

  • Upgrading core management skills

  • Performance gaps, growth challenges

  • Career management dilemmas 

Typical one-on-one Face-2-Face/virtual coaching engagements include 7-12 sessions, frequent check-ins, and just-in-time support.​​

Elevate your Self. Life. Career. Leadership


Elevate your Self. Life. Career. Leadership

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What my clients say about me

"I enjoyed the fact I was able to completely honest in this process and that Ayelet was able to take my actions and thoughts and brake it down to pieces that helped me gain new perspective in a meaningful way. I could take them and improve not only the way I am as a manager, but also the way I externalize my actions."

User Acquisition Team Lead, Atera 

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Among my Clients

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