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"I aspire to influence a positive shift in individuals and organizations, empowering them to embrace authentic leadership, and cultivate a culture of growth, resilience, and purpose."

Why Me?  


  • I've been there. As a leader, I have navigated through personal, organizational and professional challenges. I learned what it takes to lead yourself and others, to build resilience while staying loyal to your inner voice, and to succeed.  

  • I'm here. As a coach, I've partnered with over 130 leaders worldwide and leveraged my experience to support them, as well as hundreds more, as a group facilitator in workshops.

תמונה טובה.jpg


  • BA in Economics, sociology, and political science


  • MBA from Bar-Ilan University. 

  • Co-Active coach - CTI Institute graduate

  • Positive Psychology and Mindfulness courses from Reichman University

Social contribution

Leading mentor and group facilitator at: 

  • Woman In Hitech’.

  • “ProWomen” association

And in various communities and projects

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